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Dog Food Lines


At our location we carry full lines of of Nutrena Loyall, and Taste of the Wild.  We also carry food, treats, and other products from these great brands:

Horse Feed Lines


At our location, we carry a full line of Nutrena SafeChoice products.  We also carry individual feed products from these great brands:

Which SafeChoice product

is right for you horse?

Cat Food Lines


We carry the full line of Taste of the Wild (wet and dry) and Loyall.  We also carry  individual products from these great brands:

Livestock Feed


Maintenance and Grower Feed for your cows, pigs and goats to include:


-Dairy Grain

-COB (With/without Molasses)

-Pig Grower Finisher (16%)

-Pig Maintenance (12%)

-Nutrabeast Cattle mineral

-Caprine Supreme Goat Pellets

-Salt Block

-Grains (Whole, Rolled and Cracked)

           - Corn

           - Oats

           - Barley

           - Wheat


Chicken Feed
 Formulated poultry feeds for every stage to include:
Organic Scratch
- Organic Layer Feed
- Scratch Grains
- Chick Starter
- Medicated Chick Starter
- Lay Crumbles (16%)
- Lay Pellets (16% and 22%)
- Meat Bird Feed
- Game Bird Conditioner



Wild Bird Food


Seed and blocks, to include:



- Custom Mixture Wild Bird Food

- Black Oil Sunflower Seed

- Nyjer Seed

- Parrot Food

- Wild Bird Blocks

- Pigeon Grit 



Ranch Equipment,

Clothing and Protective Gear

At JEM's, you can always expect to find ranch equipment neccessary to take great care of your animals.  We carry a wide array of equipment such as Stock Tanks, Horse Panels, Feeders, Automatic and Galvanized Waterers, Horse Shoes, Manure Forks, Pitchforks, Rakes, 55 gallon barrells and more.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the lowest prices in town on our items.  As an authorized Carhartt distributor, you will always find amazing deals on our Carhartt selection of t-shirts, tops, bottoms, hats and jackets.  We also carry protective gear such as safety glasses, safety sunglasses, work gloves, and Troxel riding helmets.

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